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Monday, 10 August 2015

Sinful 'Shower' Teaser

Teaser ~ Sinful

Jace POV

Turning the shower knob, I step back and quickly strip the sweat soaked clothing from my body. It feels damn good to get them off and it’s going to feel a hundred times better when the water hits.

Sitting on the toilet seat, I remove my prosthesis and protective layers before I use the counter for balance and shuffle into the shower. I pray that I don’t slip with the crutches I usually use, for balance, being back at my house.  The hot water works its magic on my aching muscles as I rest against the wall with my hands and dip my head, sighing with tiredness.

I soon spring to life in more ways than one when I feel the silken fingers belonging to a very naked Savannah creeping up my spine. “Thought I’d make sure you don’t miss a spot.”


She chuckles, and the movement I feel tells me she’s putting the shower gel onto the sponge, and God, yes. She starts with slow strokes of the sponge over my neck and shoulders, under my arms, down my back. Around my buttocks, she takes her time and washes both legs, lowering to her knees. My dick is hard as nails and wondering when it’s going to be his turn to get her attention. The head bulges in excitement as Savannah sits back on her haunches in front of me.

Using more gel, she coats her hands this time and works her way up my legs. Keeping her gaze fixed on me, she rubs between my legs, stroking my sac. My groin gets attention, but my cock pulsing with need gets missed as she moves up my torso.

On her feet, she teases and rubs her pussy and breasts against me, driving me crazy while her hands wash around my nipples and neck.

She smirks as though she has a secret or probably because she knows what she’s doing to me with how hard I am pressed against her soft belly.

Sliding out from between the wall and me, she grabs another bottle and moving back in front of me, starts to wash my hair.

“I love you, Jace. I just want to take care of you tonight.”

Her softly spoken words are enough to humble me.

“Will you sit on the ledge?” she asks, her voice unsure.

With Savannah’s help, and a bit of shuffling, I manage to lower myself onto the ledge.

“Are you okay, Jace?” She caresses back and forth along my thighs, kneeling between.

“I’m tired, and horny as fuck, thanks to you.”

She laughs. “You were horny as fuck before we even got home.”

“Okay, so I told a little lie. You have to admit that I’ve only been horny for you, babe.” I wrap my hand around my dick and slowly start to pleasure myself. It’s hot having her eyes go heavy-lidded when she watches me like this. “Every little glance,” I whisper, my voice thick with arousal. “Every little touch has been causing my dick to throb.” I pull back to the root and feel my legs tremble as I hold the plump head, begging for her mouth. She doesn’t disappoint and swirls her tongue around, catching my pleasure as it drips from the slit.

My eyes nearly roll when she sucks just the tip into her mouth, and continues to swirl her tongue around.

“Savannah,” I gasp, “I want to get dirty with you.”

She moans with her mouth wrapped around me, and shards of pleasure shoot through me, straight to my balls. They’re so damn tight that I’m surprised I’ve held off for as long as I have.

With one long drawn out suck, she releases me. “Get me dirty, Jace.”


I quickly wrap my fist around the base and squeeze because, fuck me, her ‘get me dirty, Jace,’ caused my orgasm to start rushing forth.

“Let me watch you get yourself off,” she tickles my sac with her fingers, teasing the fuck out of me.

Hardly able to catch my breath with how aroused she has me, I keep my eyes locked on her and slowly start to do as she asked.

Her pupils widen in delighted surprise, but when she starts pinching and rolling her own nipples, I lose all control and start coming, shooting my thick release all over her boobs. The sight keeps me pumping my release out, over her nipples, her chest, and more over her boobs. The touch of her hand over mine on my spent dick has one last ejaculation jumping out before I collapse back against the shower wall—totally fucking spent after having experienced one of the most erotic encounters of my life.

Coming ~ 18th August 2015

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