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COVER REVEAL ~ New Beginning, Jackson Hole #2

New Beginning

He’s back for her, and this time he’s playing for keeps…

Josh Mitchell has resigned from his job with the DEA, having decided at 29 that it’s time to have a life instead of living out of a suitcase. He buys a cabin in Jackson Hole, a place where he has unfinished business with a hot brunette who he promised to return to seven months earlier.

Grace Landon has finally started to put her life back together after her world came crashing down around her. Being attacked in her own home and having to bury her brother have caused her many sleepless nights. Except, her nightly dreams have turned into so much more as she relives the one night spent in the arms of Josh Mitchell, leaving her craving his touch.

When two of her brother’s associates arrive in town looking to cause trouble, Josh takes it upon himself to step in and protect her at all costs. With his help, perhaps they will both survive the new threat, and each other.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

New Release ~ Sinful #5, Bad Boy Rockers

New Release ~ Sinful


Jace Stone’s life has been spiraling out of control since he was shot in the line of duty five years before.

When his old Captain suggests he tutor a second grade class on the softball field as a favor to his niece—their teacher—he thinks, why not? Life can’t get any worse. What he doesn’t expect is the niece to be a hot, little redhead with curls all the way to her round bottom. She quickly works her way into his dreams, teasing his senses and leaving him hot, hard, and craving a taste of her sexy red lips  . . .

Savannah Devereux is relieved when her Uncle Ned finds a softball coach to teach her class, but she never expected to be faced with a six-foot mountain of a man who looks like he just climbed out of bed. His heated glances cause her female parts to sit up and take notice, but it’s his sexy five o’clock shadow and sinful mouth that keep her tossing and turning at night.

The more time they spend together, the more the heat ignites between them. But with his demons to battle and her engagement to someone else, someone is going to get burned.

A man who’s been through hell and a teacher who belongs to another, come together on the softball field, but soon find their lessons extend beyond the field.

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Sizzle #1

Thalia is twenty-one and has just finished her sophomore year of college. Her new boyfriend, Liam, invites her to spend the summer with him and his family, so as she’s been unable to find a local job to keep her at college, Thalia jumps at the chance. Liam tells her that she can be his guest at his brother, Jack’s, wedding at the end of the summer. 

Jack is twenty-five and feels as though he’s drowning. He’s engaged to Mia, against his will, because it’s always been drilled into him, family comes first. Jack’s studying for a law degree, and wants to go out on his own once he graduates, specialising in criminal law. His father wants him to accept a junior partnership in the law firm owned jointly by him and Lewis, his fiancĂ©es father, to practice family law. 

Then he meets his brother’s girlfriend, Thalia, and he can’t get her out of his head. He needs her to keep her distance, because every time she smiles in his direction, he wants to carry her to his room and do really naughty things to her. 

Then Saturday night arrives and Liam takes Thalia to a new bar that has opened on the outskirts of town, where she discovers Jack’s big secret. By day he’s the good looking, slightly older brother with a chip on his shoulder, who gives her hot looks, and by night he’s Phoenix, singer/guitar player for bad boy group ‘Deception’, who makes her sizzle to the core! 

He has muscle. He has tattoos. He has piercings. He has a mouth that makes her panties wet every time he opens it. He is supposed to be getting married. He is also her boyfriend’s brother...

Spicy #2

Because of screwing up with Callie, during the summer, I’m drowning my sorrows with drink and women…or that’s what I’m trying to do, but it isn’t working. Every time I close my eyes all I see is Callie, her long flowing blonde locks, her slim curvy body with legs that go on for miles and breasts that make my mouth water. She’s become my weakness and I have no idea how to make amends for my past sin…

It’s been weeks since Reece left me without a backwards glance, and I’m an idiot because I’m finding it difficult to move on and forget him. It doesn’t help that my best friend, Thalia, is engaged to his best friend, Phoenix. But tonight I intend to change all that and maybe do a little flirting with another guy and see where it leads…and who knows, it might even make the pain in my ass realize what he’s missing…

Sultry #3

Growing up if anyone had told me that by the age of twenty-five I’d be crazy about my best friends little sister, I’d have laughed in their face, but the reality is, I am. Of course she’s beautiful with curves in all the right places, but that’s not all there is to her, and after two years of keeping my distance I’m not willing to do that anymore—I can’t do that anymore. The only problem I can see is her big, domineering brother, Reece…

I’m eighteen years old, the middle one of five girls, with an older brother who thinks he knows best. He’s about to find out that no one but me knows what’s best for me when I go after his best friend, Donovan. I’m not blind and have seen the looks he’s thrown in my direction for the past couple of years, and I’m sick and tired of waiting for him to make his move—a move he probably won’t make without a push from me. I only hope my brother doesn’t do something stupid and ruin his friendship with him because of me…

Savor #4

Ryder Stone hasn’t been living; he’s merely existed.

For the past six years, his honor prevented him from pursing anyone else, until Dahlia Roberts steps foot into his bar.

Dahlia vowed never to repeat her mother’s mistakes.

She prefers to be alone, and always keeps men at a distance. However, Ryder manages to sneak under her skin and into her heart.

But one thing they both know is that nothing in life is ever straightforward. So when Ryder’s past comes crashing down around him, he has life altering choices to make.

Will he stay in the past and risk losing the woman he loves or will he grasp onto the future and mend Dahlia’s broken heart?

Monday, 10 August 2015

Sinful 'Shower' Teaser

Teaser ~ Sinful

Jace POV

Turning the shower knob, I step back and quickly strip the sweat soaked clothing from my body. It feels damn good to get them off and it’s going to feel a hundred times better when the water hits.

Sitting on the toilet seat, I remove my prosthesis and protective layers before I use the counter for balance and shuffle into the shower. I pray that I don’t slip with the crutches I usually use, for balance, being back at my house.  The hot water works its magic on my aching muscles as I rest against the wall with my hands and dip my head, sighing with tiredness.

I soon spring to life in more ways than one when I feel the silken fingers belonging to a very naked Savannah creeping up my spine. “Thought I’d make sure you don’t miss a spot.”


She chuckles, and the movement I feel tells me she’s putting the shower gel onto the sponge, and God, yes. She starts with slow strokes of the sponge over my neck and shoulders, under my arms, down my back. Around my buttocks, she takes her time and washes both legs, lowering to her knees. My dick is hard as nails and wondering when it’s going to be his turn to get her attention. The head bulges in excitement as Savannah sits back on her haunches in front of me.

Using more gel, she coats her hands this time and works her way up my legs. Keeping her gaze fixed on me, she rubs between my legs, stroking my sac. My groin gets attention, but my cock pulsing with need gets missed as she moves up my torso.

On her feet, she teases and rubs her pussy and breasts against me, driving me crazy while her hands wash around my nipples and neck.

She smirks as though she has a secret or probably because she knows what she’s doing to me with how hard I am pressed against her soft belly.

Sliding out from between the wall and me, she grabs another bottle and moving back in front of me, starts to wash my hair.

“I love you, Jace. I just want to take care of you tonight.”

Her softly spoken words are enough to humble me.

“Will you sit on the ledge?” she asks, her voice unsure.

With Savannah’s help, and a bit of shuffling, I manage to lower myself onto the ledge.

“Are you okay, Jace?” She caresses back and forth along my thighs, kneeling between.

“I’m tired, and horny as fuck, thanks to you.”

She laughs. “You were horny as fuck before we even got home.”

“Okay, so I told a little lie. You have to admit that I’ve only been horny for you, babe.” I wrap my hand around my dick and slowly start to pleasure myself. It’s hot having her eyes go heavy-lidded when she watches me like this. “Every little glance,” I whisper, my voice thick with arousal. “Every little touch has been causing my dick to throb.” I pull back to the root and feel my legs tremble as I hold the plump head, begging for her mouth. She doesn’t disappoint and swirls her tongue around, catching my pleasure as it drips from the slit.

My eyes nearly roll when she sucks just the tip into her mouth, and continues to swirl her tongue around.

“Savannah,” I gasp, “I want to get dirty with you.”

She moans with her mouth wrapped around me, and shards of pleasure shoot through me, straight to my balls. They’re so damn tight that I’m surprised I’ve held off for as long as I have.

With one long drawn out suck, she releases me. “Get me dirty, Jace.”


I quickly wrap my fist around the base and squeeze because, fuck me, her ‘get me dirty, Jace,’ caused my orgasm to start rushing forth.

“Let me watch you get yourself off,” she tickles my sac with her fingers, teasing the fuck out of me.

Hardly able to catch my breath with how aroused she has me, I keep my eyes locked on her and slowly start to do as she asked.

Her pupils widen in delighted surprise, but when she starts pinching and rolling her own nipples, I lose all control and start coming, shooting my thick release all over her boobs. The sight keeps me pumping my release out, over her nipples, her chest, and more over her boobs. The touch of her hand over mine on my spent dick has one last ejaculation jumping out before I collapse back against the shower wall—totally fucking spent after having experienced one of the most erotic encounters of my life.

Coming ~ 18th August 2015

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Saturday, 25 July 2015

One Dance Teaser

One Dance, The Club #7

This is a novella and part of the multi-author series, The Club. Each novella is a standalone.


This novella is a standalone that is part of The Club Series. To learn more about The Club and its members, visit or

The Club in Karim, Texas—members only, strictly for BDSM pleasures. On the last Friday of each month, members are allowed to bring one guest…

Emma Miller’s boss is revolting. If it wasn’t for her five-year-old sister, she’d have told him where to shove his sexual harassment a long time ago. Now, he’s given her an ultimatum: she accompanies him to his ‘club’ tonight or she doesn’t turn up for work on Monday. There is no choice; her job is the only source of income for her and Chloe.

Jason Maverick wonders how the hell he ended up with a security job at one of the most sought-after private clubs in Texas. He’s what The Club calls a ‘Suit’: he blends in to the background when needed…and watches. Tonight, though, is the end. He's just biding his time so that he can hand in his notice at the end of the shift, until he spots her—a young woman who looks so out of place it makes him uncomfortable.

He hovers and watches, a shadow no longer. He’s sure he's the only one who can show Emma what pleasure can be obtained with someone who knows a woman's body...and how to make it sing...

***CONTENT WARNING: This book is intended for audiences 18+ and contain adult themes, including bondage, spanking and sexual situations***


As he watched, Emma slipped her hand beneath her and started to rub her clit before she splayed open her pussy lips to his eyes. Her cunt was pink, swollen, and so fucking wet that he felt his orgasm as it raced toward completion.

He knocked her hand away and pushed home. He couldn’t stop and he grabbed her hips before he pistoned back and forth inside her. He was completely lost in her. The feel of her wet, tight heat as it surrounded him, the sight of her arousal all over his dick as he pulled out, and the feel of her as she rippled around him when he buried himself balls deep.

There was no way he could hold off, he wanted to, he wanted to make it last. But his arousal was too strong for the woman he was buried inside and, with that last thought, his cock jerked and started to release.

He quickly pulled out, grabbed his dick and coated her pussy and cunt with his cum before he slammed back inside to ride out his release. When he did, Emma tightened up and started to ripple in strong pulls of pleasure around him. She sucked every bit of release from his body with the tight, vice-like spasms that had overtaken her.

Releases 15th August 2015

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