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Saturday, 25 July 2015

One Dance Teaser

One Dance, The Club #7

This is a novella and part of the multi-author series, The Club. Each novella is a standalone.


This novella is a standalone that is part of The Club Series. To learn more about The Club and its members, visit www.theclub.website or www.facebook.com/theclubseries.

The Club in Karim, Texas—members only, strictly for BDSM pleasures. On the last Friday of each month, members are allowed to bring one guest…

Emma Miller’s boss is revolting. If it wasn’t for her five-year-old sister, she’d have told him where to shove his sexual harassment a long time ago. Now, he’s given her an ultimatum: she accompanies him to his ‘club’ tonight or she doesn’t turn up for work on Monday. There is no choice; her job is the only source of income for her and Chloe.

Jason Maverick wonders how the hell he ended up with a security job at one of the most sought-after private clubs in Texas. He’s what The Club calls a ‘Suit’: he blends in to the background when needed…and watches. Tonight, though, is the end. He's just biding his time so that he can hand in his notice at the end of the shift, until he spots her—a young woman who looks so out of place it makes him uncomfortable.

He hovers and watches, a shadow no longer. He’s sure he's the only one who can show Emma what pleasure can be obtained with someone who knows a woman's body...and how to make it sing...

***CONTENT WARNING: This book is intended for audiences 18+ and contain adult themes, including bondage, spanking and sexual situations***


As he watched, Emma slipped her hand beneath her and started to rub her clit before she splayed open her pussy lips to his eyes. Her cunt was pink, swollen, and so fucking wet that he felt his orgasm as it raced toward completion.

He knocked her hand away and pushed home. He couldn’t stop and he grabbed her hips before he pistoned back and forth inside her. He was completely lost in her. The feel of her wet, tight heat as it surrounded him, the sight of her arousal all over his dick as he pulled out, and the feel of her as she rippled around him when he buried himself balls deep.

There was no way he could hold off, he wanted to, he wanted to make it last. But his arousal was too strong for the woman he was buried inside and, with that last thought, his cock jerked and started to release.

He quickly pulled out, grabbed his dick and coated her pussy and cunt with his cum before he slammed back inside to ride out his release. When he did, Emma tightened up and started to ripple in strong pulls of pleasure around him. She sucked every bit of release from his body with the tight, vice-like spasms that had overtaken her.

Releases 15th August 2015

Amazon preorder http://www.amazon.com/dp/B012J4K9Z0/

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