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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The Wedding Opening Scene

Do you remember this scene from The Wedding?

Seconds away from coming, Michael gripped her hips as she rocked back and forth. Despite the knots of pleasure turning his muscles hard, he couldn’t stop his legs from buckling slightly – he had no idea how the hell his Harley was still holding them upright.

Lily moaned in pleasure as his cock bounced within her as she sat astride him; his cock buried deep in her sex. Her peaked nipples rubbed against his chest as she rode him. His hands squeezing her rump as he helped her move on him, taking him even deeper with each shift of her hips.

“Hold my hips,” Lily demanded before leaning back over the handlebars.

Her sex tightened with her changed position, but it gave Michael free access to her beautiful body.

“Play with your nipples,” Michael commanded, his eyes smoldering with desire as his fingers dug into her hips, pinning her on his cock.

Lily slid her hands up slowly, her lips caught between her teeth, her eyes burning brightly under her thick lashes. A gasp escaped her kiss-bruised mouth as she began to massage and pinch her rosy nipples like he’d asked.

The tightening of her sex mirrored each flick of her fingers and Michael felt his orgasm building. 

Leaning forward, he buried his head into her chest, thrusting into her with abandon. Lily’s nails bit into his back, scoring his skin as his cock thrust in and out; his orgasm building to heights he never imagined. Stiffening, Michael groaned, “Come for me Lily,” and was rewarded with spasms that sucked at his cock. His spine went alight with tingles, his balls pulled up…


Michael jerked awake as his cock jerked, shooting semen over his stomach. Grabbing his dick to finish his orgasm, he slowly brought his breathing under control.

Fuck. He swore silently to himself as he looked around the empty bedroom. That didn’t count. No way was he going to admit anything to Lily. He’d promised her he wouldn’t jerk off, but he had no control over that dream.

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  1. This scene cracked me up when I first read it and it still does after re-reading it lol .. such a sexy scene but still Michael's reaction to not telling Lily about his impromptu orgasm made me laugh ..