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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Excerpt from Spicy

Callie's POV

“Are you sure we’re not too old for this place?” Callie climbs off the back of the bike and keeps looking between the sign and me.

I grin, but can’t help wondering whether I should have taken her to the more traditional mini golf at the other side of town instead of here to ‘Sixty Nine.’ It’s not actually the words that are causing her to silently question me; it’s the picture underneath. Yeah! It has a naked man and woman in the sixty-nine position. I thought it would be more fun, but now I’m questioning myself especially after saying we weren’t going to have sex today.

“Well,” she clears her throat, “this is, um, certainly going to be entertaining.” She finally locks her gaze on me. “Are you sure you’re going to be able to keep your hands to yourself and, um, other body parts, to yourself?” She glances down at my erection trying to burst through my zipper.

“I’m having second thoughts,” I grumble.

“I bet.” She snickers. “I can’t believe you’d bring me to a place like this…so tacky.” She waves her hands around.

“Now babe, this place is really popular, especially at night, but it seems pretty quiet right now.”
I pay the guy on the gate who can’t seem to hide his grin when he looks at Callie. He passes us the clubs and a couple of golf balls, so I pull her inside the park.

It isn’t one of the bigger mini golf sites, but it’s more fun and entertaining and yeah plenty of nights I’ve been here trying to get into someone else’s panties, but that’s something I plan on keeping to myself.

“C’mon, it starts over here.” I wrap my arm around her waist and walk her over toward the ‘cum shooter.’

Hearing her gasp, I start laughing and move away from her to place the ball on the white spot on the ground. About to take the shot, I glance at Callie and realize she hasn’t moved. “Babe, you with me?”

“That’s kinda hot,” she replies staring at the giant penis waiting to have our balls shooting through the head, hence the title ‘cum shooter.’

Basically, you take the shot and have to use enough strength to get the ball to shoot straight up a slight incline, which goes around to the right and your ball is supposed to shoot out.

Taking a deep breath, I rearrange the dick in my jeans before taking the shot, which keeps going…and shoots out the tip of the large dick. I fist the sky and turn to look at Callie who is moving toward the giant balls that the dick is sprout from. Standing in front of them she turns to me, grins and then runs her hand over them, trailing her fingers along the dick as well. “Mmm…feels so good.” She licks her lips looking at my crotch.

God, the things this girl does to me. Bringing her here was a really, really bad idea because all I can think about is opening my jeans and letting her stroke me. My dick is leaking in anticipation of her fingers. She’s going to kill me today.

Walking closer, she stands in front of me and bends to place the ball on the start, only to have her ass rubbing against my jeans. I growl and pull her into me, desperate to have no fabric between us.

She stands up, wiggles her hips before turning, and saying, “You better move out the way, because I’m going to nail this orgasm.” Then she licks her lips again.

Cussing under my breath, I move away and watch her take the same shot as I did and she nails it. 

Jumping up and down, she runs to me and throws herself into my arms, wrapping her legs around me and smacking her lips on mine in a quick kiss.

“That’s the first time I’ve ever played mini golf and gotten a point straight off the bat, kinda thing, you know? That was so cool.” She climbs off me. “Where’s number two?”

I point in the general direction, and before I can even slow her down, she shoots toward it. Stopping a few feet away, she tosses her hair over her shoulder as she gives me a steaming, come hither look and asks, “You coming.”

“Nearly,” I whimper, watching her sexy, curvy ass disappear around the corner to the ‘masturbator.’ I can’t wait for her reaction to this one.

Catching up to her, I wrap my arms around her and whisper into her ear, “I want to watch you do that and soon.”

She shivers. “As long as you do it with me. I want you to stand between my legs and watch me while I watch you jerking off.” Shoving her ass into my dick, she pushes away from me, and mumbles, “Now we have that out of the way. How the hell does this one work?”

I’m actually afraid to open my mouth incase nothing comes out. I chuckle, because any more of this and I’m going to be coming where I stand. I should have known that declaring no sex and bringing her here would be one long and torturous afternoon.

I clear the restriction in my throat, close my eyes and count to ten before opening them again to stare at Callie’s backside as she bends over to take the shot, having figured the workings out. She’s sexy as fuck. I turn back to the ‘masturbator,’ which has been designed as a woman leaning back on one of her elbows with her head thrown back and her fingers holding her pussy lips open, which is where the balls shoots out…like now.

“I like this game. Your turn.”

I’m not even sure I can walk, let alone move enough to take a shot. And she knows it, standing there leaning on her golf club, waiting and grinning.

Trying to clear my head of the vision of Callie in that position, I walk over and take the shot as I feel her pinch me on the ass.

Before I can retaliate she’s off to hunt out number three when all I want to do is drag her back to my apartment and rip the clothes from her body. I also know what she’s going to think when she sees the next one, or rather what it’s going to remind her of. It’s titled ‘threesome.’

Rounding the corner she has a stunned expression on her face. “We didn’t try that one.”

“You serious?” She can’t possibly want to try that. “Callie…do you mean, you want to be with both of us again, like that?” I ask the thought that is making my brain crazy. I’m not sure I’d be able to share her. Not like that.

She doesn’t answer and continues staring at the scene of a woman lying spread out on a bed, her head hanging off the end with a man standing, his legs open and his cock in her mouth, with another guy kneeling between the woman’s thighs with his dick in her cunt. It’s one hell of a sexy picture, one I’m hoping she doesn’t want to experience.

“It’s hot,” she whispers, “but, no. I don’t want to be with both of you again. I like Donovan and I enjoyed being with you both together, but I just want you.”

Thump! Yep, that was my heart dropping to my fuckin’ toes.

I clench my teeth and grab her hand before pulling her toward the exit. “This was a bad idea.”
I’m beating myself up for bringing her here with all the sexual pictures everywhere and fuck knows how she’d react if we stayed and she saw the ‘gaygasm’ hole.

She has me ready to drop her jeans, bend her over the bench beside the course before releasing my cock and fucking her senseless, and it’s my own damn fault. What’s wrong with me wanting to torturer us like this? I bet if I slip my fingers into her jeans she’d be wet.


“Okay. Stop right now.” She pulls up short, which effectively brings me to a halt with the exit in site. 
“Oh, my, God…that’s…that’s…hot.”


Instead of blushing and turning away, which I’d prefer, she walks toward the picture with the four men in various positions of pleasuring the other. I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t make me squirm a bit, and I don’t mean in a pleasure kinda way. I mean it would any straight guy, but finding that my girl finds it hot is an eye opener.

The picture is of a guy standing with his legs spread and his cock half buried in the mouth of another guy who is on his knees with his arms wrapped around the standing guys hips. But it doesn’t stop there because there is a third guy on his hands and knees behind the standing guy with his mouth working the cock of the guy kneeling while a guy kneels behind him with his cock in his ass. It’s definitely a piece of artwork that you have to see to make heads or tails of it.

“Wow. I never imagined men did that. I mean four guys. Holy fuck.” Now my girl blushes. “You know. I think you need to take me somewhere private on your bike and strip us both out of our jeans so I can ride you. Because after a combination of these,” she waves her arms around, “and you, I’m wet as hell. I’m just surprised I’m not leaking through my jeans.”

I pounce on her. She doesn’t stand a chance. Before she can move, I have her locked in my arms, my lips on hers and my tongue in her mouth, searching for and finding her tongue.

She wraps her legs around me, and starts grinding against my ready to burst dick. I break the kiss. “Callie–” I don’t finish. She’s kissing me like crazy as though her body and what it needs has taken over, and it’s going for what it wants, which is the same as what mine wants.

No…no…no. We can’t do this.

Slowing the kiss, I breathe heavily into her neck where I’ve buried my face. “We have to stop.” I nibble her neck and feel her shudder against me. Lifting my head, I rest my forehead against hers. “I was serious about no sex.” I close my eyes and count to ten. “I thought it would be hot to bring you here and like, I don’t know, tease I guess. In reality, I was leading with my other head.” I grin.

She bursts into laughter, which breaks some of the sexual tension surrounding us. “Now that does not surprise me.” She inhales, releasing her legs from around my waist. “C’mon. Let’s go. I’m not sure I can take anymore of this.”

“Neither can I.” I arrange my cock into a more comfortable position before taking her hand and quickly leading her toward the exit.


  1. I can not wait to read this book. I will have to buy it on release day.

  2. I am counting down the days. So excited, actually had a dream about it last night.

  3. Holy Hell, that's hottt!! Can't frickin wait, lol :)