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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Spicy Part One

Callie's POV

Watching your best friend get pushed into the swimming pool and then carted off by a pissed off hunk doesn’t usually happen were I come from. Then again, living a sheltered life on the ranch with my folks has stopped me from meeting guys I can do more than look at. Oh, I looked plenty at the ranch hands, but they were out of bounds and I certainly had fun as soon as I left for college, but now, not so much.
I’m a shy person by nature and it takes a lot to try and act like I’m a girl just looking for a good time. I mean who wants a girl looking for the one? These days, no guy is looking for anything other than to get off between a variety of girls’ thighs.
Right now though, I’m standing beside the pool at Mia’s parents house with two sexy guys of my own, both of them trying to protect me, and I’m sure as hell not going to complain. I mean, I have read Nicole Edwards books, which are pretty damn hot, and yes, like the rest of her readers, I fantasize about what it would be like to be with two guys. Fantasize about things that are forbidden in polite society.
A squeeze of my hips draws me from my musings and I lick my lips as I take in Reece, who is standing in front of me in a fighting stance, his feet wide, his fists clenched by his side. But right now it isn’t Reece that is igniting the slow burn running through my body. It’s Donovan as his hands grip my hips, holding me tight against him. And boy, can I feel him against me. All hot, hard and pulsing. He makes my knees weak, but when Reece swivels to face me, I find I’m trapped between the two of them…and I like it. Reece is wild where Donovan’s tame.
From the minute Thalia introduced me to Reece I had wet panties and was ready to make a fool of myself. Then she introduced me to Donovan and the look he’d shot me had me wanting to drop to my knees and beg them to take me.
If anyone knew what thoughts were in my head they’d be disgusted; the quiet, shy girl having impure thoughts.
My whole life, up to now, has been about me wanting to please everyone around me and I’m sick of it. What’s wrong with pleasing Callie for a change? Nothing!
I have two men who appear to want me and if I’m reading the signals correctly they both want me together as in two guys and little me. Deep breath in. Deep breath out.
“Hey, stop hyperventilating. We’re not going to hurt you or do anything you don’t want us to.” Reece winks before taking hold of my hand and then looks at Donovan. “Let’s get her out of here.”
Like a lamb being led to the slaughter, I allow these two really hot guys lead me away from the audience at the back of Mia’s house to where they’ve parked up.
Donovan falls in beside me, his arm wrapping around my waist as Reece keeps hold of my hand, I’m positive that they’re both afraid I’ll bolt at the first opportunity. Little do they know, I can’t wait to find out what they’re planning for me.
At what I presume to be Donovan’s truck, he opens the door, but not before Reece leans in close and whispers in my ear, “I’ll see you in ten minute.”
Goose bumps break on my skin and a shiver runs up my spine, almost curling my toes in delight. If this is what he can do to me with a few words, I can’t wait to see what else he can do. As he starts to walk away, he mumbles something I don’t quite catch before he turns back to me, and taking my face between his hands he seals his lips to mine.
For a split second I’m in shock before I start to return his kiss. Stretching up, I grab his head to hold him in place as our tongues continue to duel.
Never in my life have I been kissed like this – raw and wet. Very wet. The ache between my legs intensifies as I feel my dress slide up my thighs and hands rubbing my ass, pressing me into the hardness in Reece’s jeans.
I break from the kiss throwing my head back moaning as Reece leaves a trail of hot kisses along my neck while Donovan slips his fingers between my legs.
“She’s so fuckin’ wet. We need to leave. Now,” Donovan suggests, removing his fingers.
I immediately miss his touch. “No,” I plead climbing up Reece and biting his ear.
“Fuck me,” he groans.
“Yes,” I laugh, tonging his ear while he grasps my thighs, which are wrapped around his waist. His cock is thick against me, and I can’t stop rubbing against it. The friction is so good against my neglected pussy and my hips rock faster and faster as I try to press Reece’s bulge into me. I groan in frustration at the feeling of cloth between us; I want my orgasm and I want it now with Reece and soon with both of them.
Oh, God. Donovan’s fingers trace along the seam of my panties and I feel him slide them to the side a moment before his warm fingers slip between my wet folds.
My legs quiver with the build up of pleasure they’re both causing. Reece holds me still and grinds against my clit as Donovan shoves two fingers inside me.
My climax rips through me while I shake and shudder against Reece as Donovan strokes my channel.
Reece clamps his hands tighter against my legs to keep me still while he breathes heavily into my ear, “I’m so close. Stay still.”
Donovan removes his fingers from inside me, moves in even closer and turns my head to look at him before putting his fingers in his mouth and sucking.
Letting his fingers pop out of his mouth he says, “Now taste yourself on me.” His lips touch mine, his tongue searching for mine as our breaths mingle, which is the most erotic kiss I’ve ever received.
“Let’s go back to your place.” Reece breaks my kiss with Donovan as he slides me down his very aroused body.
My legs feel weak, but all I can think about is getting him inside me. Getting them both inside me. The throb between my legs hasn’t really stopped with the thought of what I’m about to do.
Full of courage, I decide to tease them both so while I’m still standing between them with their hands still on me, I reach under my skirt for my panties and push them down my legs and off.
Sonofafuckinbitch,” Donovan curses in my ear while my gaze stays on Reece’s.
I feel hands slip underneath my skirt again, covering my pussy and with one finger he starts to play with my clit at the same time as he rubs his erection between my ass cheeks.
Unmoving, Reece takes a few deep breaths before dropping to his knees and lifting my skirt.
“Sweet baby.” Reece just looks at my pussy, licking his lips, now that Donovan’s moved his hands to my naked hips to hold me still.
Reece uses his hands to open me up to his gaze and blows on me, sending a jolt to my core.
“Ahhh. Oh God. I want your mouth on me while Donovan sucks my tits.”
I’ve shocked them. They both freeze before Reece stands back up and Donovan smooth’s my short skirt back down my legs.
“We need a bed. I’ll meet you back at your place.”
With Reece’s statement, Donovan runs around to the driver’s side as Reece picks me up by my hips and lifts me onto the seat. He slams the door behind me and walks over to his bike.
 “We’re going to treat you right, but Callie – look at me.”
I turn my head to look directly into Reece’s eyes, which is easier said than done when he’s standing to the side of me in jeans, looking heavily aroused, having removed his shirt and shoes.
“I need you to say it out loud so we both hear you. Are you sure you’re okay being with us both?” He gently massages one of my nipples as Donovan reaches out doing the same to my other one, but my eyes stay focused on Reece.
He’s asked me this three times already. “As I told you before, I’m sure. I’ve never been with two guys, but I read and it always sounds hot so, yeah, I want to know what it feels like having two cocks inside me at the same time.”
“Fuck. I’m going to be coming in my jeans if you keep talking like that.” Donovan unzips his jeans and shoves them down his legs. His swollen dick jerks now its free and points towards me.
These two delicious guys have me naked, sprawled out on my bed in my hotel, wet and aching, wishing they’d touch me between my legs as well as my breasts.
Hearing rustling, I turn my head to watch Reece. His back ripples as he leans over and slides his jeans from his legs. When he stands up, I gulp; he’s huge! He’s thick, long, and fucking pierced.
“You’re pierced – that’s hot.”
He snickers and looks at Donovan. “Told you the chicks love it pierced.”
“No fuckin’ way is anyone coming near my dick with a needle.”
I swivel my head back to Donovan and grin. He’s covering his cock with his hands as though he expects someone to run at him and pierce him. My laughter soon turns to a groan as he starts to rub his hand up and down his length.
My eyes widen, but I’m unable to look away. Who knew it could be so damn hot to watch a guy touch himself.
“You like to watch?” he asks.
My gaze meets his lust filled eyes, but I can’t keep it on his face as it slips back to his hands and what they’re doing. I feel the bed dip, which does distract me, more so, when I see Reece crawling on the bed between my thighs.
“I believe you said you want my mouth on you while Donovan sucks these gorgeous tits.” Reece rests his elbows on either side of me as he takes my generous breasts into his hands before leaning in and licking around each one of my nipples in turn.
My fingers slide over his smooth head, before I caress his face as I hold him to me. His cock is cradled against my pussy and with the pleasure he’s creating with his hands, I can’t stop arching against him.
“Mmm.” He feels so good, and I can feel his cock pulsing against me with the wet tip. He’s leaking with arousal, which is so hot. I wiggle further into his embrace and wrap my legs around his hips.
“Oh, no,” he groans breathing heavily. “I’m going down while Donovan moves in to play with these babies.”
He kisses each of my nipples before leaving a trail of wet kisses down my stomach to my naked pussy. My legs fall from around him as I feel him spread me open.
“You’re fucking gorgeous,” he groans, and then leans in and kisses me.
I nearly bolt from the bed, but Donovan’s beside me, kneeling, holding me down, and looking ready to devour me.
He takes my face into his hands and seals our lips together. As he deepens the kiss between us, he reaches out with his hand and pinches one of my nipples. I pant in pleasure.
Between Reece kissing, licking and fucking me with his fingers and having Donovan’s hand on my nipple, his mouth locked on mine, I’m about to combust.
“So fucking tasty.” Reece sucks my clit into his mouth. “I can’t get enough of you, baby.” He feathers kisses along my groin and on top of my pussy before moving back to my core.
Needing to touch, I reach out between Donovan’s legs and make contact with his balls. He breaks from our kiss and curses a blue streak while trying to catch his breath.
I squeeze lightly before stroking up to the tip of his cock and rub his leaking essence around the mushroom head. He’s pulsing with want in my hand.
Leaning over me, he starts to suck my nipples into his mouth, alternating between them. My breasts are so sensitive.
Taking a firmer hold of his shaft, I start to jack him off, just as Reece shoves two fingers inside me and one, unexpectedly, in my ass while he sucks my clit, deeply into his mouth.
“Oh God,” I moan, arching up from the bed, delirious with pleasure. I tighten my hand around Donovan and speed up my movements. “Come with me,” I whisper to him.
My hips start moving involuntary against Reece’s mouth as I chase my orgasm, holding Donovan’s stare as my hand strokes the length of him. The ball of fire starts in my stomach and gradually moves outwards.
“That’s it. You’re going to come – fuck baby,” Reece groans between my thighs.
Then my climax hits. I shake, groan and pant my way through the best, fucking orgasm in history. Breathing heavily, I open my eyes and watch Donovan rear up from my breasts with lowered eyes as his cock hardens - lengthens before he groans and starts shooting cum all over my breasts. 
Motherfucker.” Reece groans.
My eyes move to him as I release Donovan from my fist. Reece is breathing heavily while rolling a condom down his thick, pierced shaft.
Unable to move, I watch Reece climb onto the bed beside me, lying on his back, his cock hard as steel jutting up, jerking with excitement. A shirt lands on my chest as Donovan leans in and cleans me up the best he can before Reece leans over and pulls me to lie on top of him.
He pushes my hair out from my eyes before looking deeply into them and bringing my head down to him as he kisses me. This man’s kisses should be bottled and sold because he’d make millions. The slide of his tongue against mine is arousing as hell.
Donovan climbs on the bed behind me, and starts to stroke down my back in soothing caresses, paying extra attention to my hips, ass and between my legs. He rubs around my sensitive clit and around the entrance to my core before dipping inside me. I groan into Reece’s mouth. Reece moves one of his hands between us to one of my breasts, and starts’ rolling my nipple between his fingers while his tongue is still doing wicked things to my mouth.
Then I feel Donovan start to push into my ass with a finger, making me wetter and I rub against Reece who pulls away from my mouth gasping for breath. His dick is pulsing against my stomach as I continue to rub uncontrollably against him while I feel even more pressure against my ass.
“Three fingers, now,” Donovan whispers, his voice tight with lust.
Fuck, he’s going to make me come without Reece being inside me. That can’t happen.
“Now…please…I can’t wait.”
Donovan withdraws his fingers and lifts my hips up, which give him a good view of everything between my legs.
Fuck…shit. She’s dripping.” He groans, as Reece takes hold of his cock and positions himself at my core. I don’t think, because I just want to feel, so I drop onto him. He goes balls deep and grips my hips for life. He feels so good. So big.
“Don’t move,” he grounds out. “Shit, I’m holding on by a thread here… Hurry the fuck up.”
“I’m about ready,” Donovan says, as I hear another condom wrapper rip open.
Reece clamps his hands on my ass and spreads me open. I feel Donovan’s cock at my forbidden entrance. He slips straight inside, an inch at a time. Stretching me, but stretching me good. Without them even moving, I can feel my climax starting to build. I clamp down on them with my internal muscles only to hear them both groaning.
Keeping my eyes open because I want to watch Reece come, I lean down and seal my lips to his, sucking his tongue into my mouth – not letting him go.
Donovan’s hands slid from my waist, up to my breasts and he starts to pinch, roll and pull my nipples. I want to shut my eyes, but I can’t. I stare into Reece’s passion filled eyes as he uses his hands on my hips to move me up and down his dick. Donovan catches the movement and starts to slide back and forth into my ass with each flex of my hips.
My whole body is tingling, even my scalp. The only sounds, which can be heard, are skin against skin, heavy breathing and the occasional cuss or groan. I feel as though I’m about to detonate, my stomach muscles begin to quiver and tighten…and then I’m coming…
“Ahhh…Oh God,” I scream. The muscles in my pussy and ass are clamping and quivering around the two cocks in so much pleasure I’m not sure where I start and they begin.
Then Reece holds me still as he starts to jerk with his release, and he isn’t the only one as I feel Donovan jerking in my ass. He growls as he does shallow pumps with his hips before slowly withdrawing and collapsing on the bed to the side of us.
The whole time, my eyes have been locked on to Reece who is having problems catching his breath. Not once since he entered me did we break eye contact.
After the decadent afternoon spent with Donovan and Reece, I’d gone down to Ryder’s and spent the evening with Thalia while we watched Deception on stage. The guys had been hot as hell up there, especially Reece who I couldn’t keep my eyes off. Oh, they’d both given me an afternoon to remember, but it had been the evening after we’d all left the bar, which was even more memorable. 
Reece had wanted me to himself and made it clear to Donovan that he wasn’t to touch me again. In fact, he’d been damn possessive.
Arriving back at my room, he’d fucked me six ways to Sunday. I sigh at the memories we created last night as I feel his hands slide over me. His kisses press against my stomach as he watches my reaction. His eyes search my face as though he’s trying to memorize me. Trying to burn this gentle lovemaking into his mind so he can never forget.
My brow furrows at the thought, but before I can form the question, Reece sweeps me into the eroticism of his embrace and I’m lost to everything except his words and his touch.
The shrill sound of a phone ringing pulls me from the delight of Reece as he stiffens. Jumping off the bed he unlocks his phone, and raises it to his ear, saying, “Dalli.”
He gives me one last, longing look before turning his back to me to keep me from hearing what he said. He dresses while he talks before grabbing his bag and leaving without one look or word in my direction. He just left. Tears sting my eyes and I can’t believe that he just left like that. I swallow down the hurt threatening to crash over me. Even if there was an emergency at home or elsewhere, at least he could have said something. And who the hell is Dalli? I’d never heard that name before, but then again I’ve only known Reece since yesterday so I suppose that’s to be expected. But why the fuck did he leave without saying a damn word?
Well one thing I do know, and that is, I’m through with him. No body spends all night in my bed, and then wakes me up like a lover only to leave in the middle of our naked play without a word.
“The bastard.”
Now my tears arrive…


  1. You've got me hooked. Is there more to this story? If so I can't wait.

    1. Here is the book Spicy :)